Summer at The Portland Hospital - 29th Sept 2023

Venue: Wellbeing Lounge

Another successful event last night! Super pleased to have hosted our largest event so far!

A huge thank you to Poonam Vaghela and her team HCA Healthcare UK for making this happen and a special thanks to Anjana Yick who was definitely the hero of the day!

Always fantastic to see Practice Managers attending these events – it’s the reason I do this! As much as it’s about learning, it’s also an opportunity to get together and network. We continue to meet new people, and Practice Managers know we are now not alone, we are all here to support each other and help each other thrive in what we do. As PMs we wear many hats and we do so much in my day-to-day working lives so it’s great to have a platform which puts finally puts on the map.

Thank you to Tony Hill, Oscar Mathew and Gary Hughes for presenting, so much to learn and take from these insightful discussions – there is always room for improvement and tools out there to help us PMs better manage our practices.



It was great to see some new faces as well, and thankful for those who attended wanting to know more about PMPSA and how we can work together in the future – also fun to have a magician in the room.

Andrea Kresojevic and I appreciate everyone’s support as we grow the Association and definitely looking forward to hosting the next one and last one for 2023 – watch this space for more information!

“Thank you SO MUCH Reshma and Andrea for yesterday! You guys are doing an amazing job!”

“Thank you so much for a really interesting and enjoyable evening on Friday. As I said at the time, I always leave the events better informed than when I arrive. Really well organised – thank you”