23rd January 2024 – The Royal Marsden Hospital

The Royal Marsden Hospital, 23rd January 2024

Our first event of 2024 and our 7th event since we started PMPSA.

So pleased with the turnout last night! It was great meeting new managers and appreciate the support from every one of you – thank you for attending!

Selvavinayagam Vireswer and Jamie Watkins offered an insight into the exceptional service they providing supporting practices out of hours and collaborating with private hospitals to manage expectation in what proves to be a robust foundation in managing their demand – their USP being their instant ETA which is phenomenal.

Chris Rogers offered some great tips and pointers on how to subtly market our practices utilising the tools readily available in a more efficient way to effectively gain and attract potential patients! Using the 3 A’s – Affability, Availability, Ability help us to manage social media outlets and ensure our practice gets the recognition it deserves.


We had the wonderful Akta Chauhan from Loveday & Co showcasing their beautiful care homes – looking forward to visiting their luxurious home in Abbey Road very soon.

Thank you to Andrew Marsh and Alia Majid for being wonderful hosts, supporting our community and for hosting our event in the very beautiful boardroom. It was incredible to learn about how the Royal Marsden are the world’s first hospital dedicated to and leading in cancer research and treatment since 1851. An amazing hospital providing an exceptional service.

We love the goodies The Royal Marsden – Private Care, Doctorcall and Loveday & Co.

Don’t forget to visit the new website www.pmpsa.org to save the date for future events.

Look forward to seeing you there!

“Great event, thank you for organising it!”

“Another really well organised, interesting evening. Thank you so much”

“Thank you ladies, it was another interesting and informative evening! Always good to see you!!”