The London Clinic - 8th Nov 2023

Venue: The Duchess of Devonshire Wing Cafe

Our last event of this year, so sad but super pleased about how it all went!


It was a fantastic experience with many new faces and super pleased that the evening was a success! A huge thank you to Ricky Mckinson and his team at The London Clinic who made last night a success! The food was delicious but most importantly The London Clinic offered a discounted rate of 10% for patients, and for family and friends on health assessments and core wellness assessments and any add-on assessments booked via the self-pay team – just quote PMPSA.


Our guest speakers were the incredible Tracy Dell from PMA and Locum Practice Manager and Mark Stevens from West One Technical.


Tracy being a full time practice manager for over 20 years has a wealth of knowledge and experience all PM can use nationwide, regardless whether you are in private or the NHS sector. We definitely need more of Tracy to help and guide us through the challenges us Managers face on a day-to-day basis.


Mark has also been in the business for over 20 years, with many of his clients at the event last night. The testimonials were a true testament to how valuable his work is. Email security is a huge problem for many practices, and important to get right as we hold thousands of patient data in our systems, emails, attachments and ensuring you can spot phishing email is one of the many ways to stop data from being stolen.



As we approach a year of PMPSA being set up, it was amazing to see many new faces. I know we had a few of the team unable to make it last night due to practice emergencies (that’s the world of Practice Management!) but was super pleased to see you all again and meet some new faces.

This Association has been all about supporting Practice Managers and I want to use the opportunity and this platform to celebrate the people who run their practices; this is our space, our forum, a chance to network with other Managers and to meet the businesses and companies who want to make our day to day lives easier in the practice management. As we know it’s not an easy job by far and we wear many hats as PMs, so I’m hoping this platform offers support, reassurance and recognition.

A special thank you to Edward Ungar and his team at Pharmacierge for their unwavering support and their sponsorship.


“Thank you so much Reshma and Andrea for all your hard work that I know precedes these evening events. As I say every time, I always leave better informed than when I arrive”

“It was such a lovely evening, thank you for all your hard work, organising, gifts etc. I always look forward to coming to your informative events”