Cleveland Clinic - 23rd May 2023

Venue: The Boardroom

So I am super pleased to share that as PMPSA – Practice Managers in the Private Sector Association held another event last night and what a success it was!

Based on feedback from the previous PMPSA meeting, we were able to delve more into a couple of the red hot topics raised in the previous meeting – Clinical software management systems and Recruitment.

Charlie Wilyman from Semble spoke on the clinical management software and it’s offering, tailoring private practices. Some PMs are already using Semble – previously known as HeyDoc and are finding it to be one of the best systems around!

David Bass from DB Recruitment spoke on various topics related to the challenges currently being faced in recruitment. A lot of factors involve covid, hybrid working, Brexit and current inflation rates. It was very insightful and we would love David to come back and discuss processes involved within recruitment.

This night would not have been a success without my team of PMs. Even after facing a busy day, you all made a conscious effort to attend – and I am so appreciative. You have no idea how grateful I am, personally, to have a group of PMs to network with and rely on!

I am sorry to those who were unable to make it on this occasion, but a huge thank you to Valentina Paola Fasciani Hazel Gobie Adelina Pashova Michelle Mazewski Alexandra Millward Seema Kapoor, Nicole Wilkinson and William O’Keeffe who did attend. It was really good see you all.



Also a huge thank you to Poonam Vaghela Cristina Greitas Silvana Ferrillo and their team at The Lister Hospital for helping Andrea Kresojevic and I organise this great event and such a tasty spread – what a treat after a long day.

Events management has always been a love of mine, and being able to organise and host this meeting was a dream come true. I am super grateful for all the feedback I have received so far.

I continue to do this for so many reasons of my own; mental wellbeing being one of them as well as having a team of people to support during the difficult work challenges Practice Managers face and vice versa.

As I sit on the Members Council at the PMA, it was great to meet with the team this morning to discuss the future of Practice Management. I look forward to PMA and PMPSA working together! Thank you Mairead Roche, Eloise Poynter MIGPM Tracy Dell sheinaz stansfield and Denise Smith for allowing me to be the voice of #privatepractice – really looking forward to seeing what the future brings!

” Thakn you to all that attended tonight and to the organisers of the meeting. It was really good tp hear everyone’s struggles and views on different issues. It does make the fields we are in less isolated.”

“So helpful thank you Reshma and Andrea for organising!”